Voter Registration Info

You can register to vote by mail, in person or on line.
If you are not sure whether you are registered to vote or not, you can CLICK HERE to find out. If you have questions about registering to vote you can call the Greene County Board of elections at My Voter Search page on the NYS Board of Elections website to check to see if and how you are registered in New York State.

ONLINE REGISTRATION – To register online you must have a NYSDMV issued identification and complete the brief form here:

BY MAIL or IN PERSON – To register by mail or in person, you will need to complete a voter registration form that you can download here. You can also call the NYS voter registration hotline at, on any business day throughout the year but, to be eligible to vote in the General Election, your application form must be received no later than October 12th. (If honorably discharged from the US Military or have become a naturalized US Citizen after October 12th, you may register in person at the Board of Elections up until October 28th.)

Notices of change of address from registered voters received no later than October 16, 2019 by a county board of elections must be processed and entered in the records in time for the General Election.

An application to change one’s party enrollment for NEXT YEAR – 2020 – MUST be received by the board of elections no later than October 11, 2019