Committee and Club

The New Baltimore Democratic Committee (as opposed to our overall Democratic Club of interested residents) consists of officially designated committee members in the town’s four election districts. Committee members work on our local elections by recruiting candidates, creating literature for mailings, organizing events, helping with the day to day work of elections (stuffing envelopes, organizing door to door campaigning, making phone calls on behalf of candidates for Election Day), and otherwise perform the grassroots tasks of hometown democracy. All committee members, who must be enrolled Democrats, are also members of the Greene County Democratic Committee.

Note: We have a number of committee member vacancies in New Baltimore.  If you are interested in learning more, or joining our Committee, please contact us! We’d love to hear from you! Serving as a Democratic Committee member is a great way to become involved on the grassroots level in politics, not just in 2019, but in all of the elections to come. Please think about joining us!

District 1

Committee Members: Eilleen Vosburgh, Debra Sotolano, Richard Guthrie, and Robert Knighton.

District 2

Committee Member: Judith Felsten, John Fisher. Need one additional members

District 3

Committee Members: Nancy Faul, Janet Angelis. Need one additional member.

District 4

Committee Member: Jim Eckl, Janet Kash. Need one additional member.