What We Believe

We have certain transcending beliefs. Here they are:

  • We believe our town government should be fully transparent and work harder to make sure that all residents are effectively informed of actions being taken on behalf of New Baltimore taxpayers to enable and encourage greater public participation.
  • We want to bring back the town newsletter, both in paper and electronic form.
  • We believe in political diversity, and that everyone’s views matter.
  • We believe town laws should apply equally to everyone, with no one getting special favors. We have a zoning board and a planning board who can decide, under the law, whether a request is viable and in the interest of the entire town.
  • We are concerned about environmental issues, including proposals for pipelines that would travel through our town and actions taken on both the state and federal levels concerning the continued viability and health of the Hudson River.
  • We are concerned about the effect of the proposed Greene County Jail project on our town, particularly in terms of its tax impact. We have been researching this issue, and have sponsored a town meeting to enable the public to learn more.
  • We are interested in proposals to increase the availability of broadband internet service in our county.
  • We want to be involved, as a town, in examining state mandates to have Greene County municipalities participate in a planning process to consolidate and share government services.
  • We are concerned about increased big truck traffic, particularly in the hamlet, that jeopardizes resident safety and is threatening the foundations and stability of our historic structures.

These are just a few of the issues we care about, and we would like to know what you think, as well!

Please join the discussion and reach out to us if you are interested in becoming involved, or would like to join our email list to receive alerts about our activities.

We want to hear from you!