I look forward to meeting all of you out and about. As many of you already know, I am committed to supporting our Town Highway Department in the interest of public safety for all residents. This service is the most important part of our lives (and the Town Budget) when the snow flies and when extreme weather batters our roads and properties, as it has recently. I’ve got a bill of almost $5300 for storm damage myself, and I am a lucky one. I am also determined to ensure greater Town Board communications and transparency, respect for all residents and workers, and necessary autonomy for our town justice court.

Here’s a bit about me:

I’m a 25 year resident of New Baltimore. Married to professional musician Alexander Kash.

I have 40 years of state government experience in the NYS Senate, mostly in public communications: meaning I translate bureaucratic legalese into language that actual people can understand. I also do constituent services: helping ordinary people get answers and help they need from state agencies.

I’m Co-Chair of the New Baltimore Democratic Committee.

As a very long time volunteer animal welfare advocate with Whiskers Animal Benevolent League (cats, medical volunteer, 17 years), and Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation (I aid in raising funds to rescue horses from the slaughter pipeline), I’m committed to animal health and safety. Also, I recently become an amphibian rescuer with the New Baltimore Conservancy.

Born in North Carolina, I have lived in upstate NY for my entire life. I grew up in an apple orchard in Clintondale, until my dad died when I was nine and we moved to New Paltz.

Raised by a single mom, I went to college with help from the Veteran’s administration (Dad was a Marine veteran of WWII and Korea) and earned multiple merit scholarships. I am a SUNY New Paltz Salutatorian with a degree in English/Journalism, and worked as a reporter and editor of several newspapers in the Hudson Valley before joining the Senate.

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