Code Enforcement Officer Position Pay Increase

Code Enforcement Officer Position Given 700% Pay Increase. Vote Row A for Transparency.

new ceo slated to receive $100 an hour, up from less than $14, for 10-12 hours/month instead of 120 hours/month

Here’s a little issue that the vast majority of New Baltimore taxpayers probably don’t know about. On October 9th, the New Baltimore Town Board hired a code enforcement officer for $100 an hour to work 10 to 12 hours a month. Our two previous code enforcement officers, who left, earned less than $14 an hour and worked 120 hours a month. Seem odd to anyone? We would like you to be able to read about the discussion at the October 9 Town Board meeting, but the minutes don’t exist as yet on the website. Transparency? Needed! 

click here to see our recent mailer about the Code Enforcement Officer position: