Code Enforcement Officer Position Pay Increase

Code Enforcement Officer Position Given 700% Pay Increase. Vote Row A for Transparency.

new ceo slated to receive $100 an hour, up from less than $14, for 10-12 hours/month instead of 120 hours/month

Here’s a little issue that the vast majority of New Baltimore taxpayers probably don’t know about. On October 9th, the New Baltimore Town Board hired a code enforcement officer for $100 an hour to work 10 to 12 hours a month. Our two previous code enforcement officers, who left, earned less than $14 an hour and worked 120 hours a month. Seem odd to anyone? We would like you to be able to read about the discussion at the October 9 Town Board meeting, but the minutes don’t exist as yet on the website. Transparency? Needed! 

click here to see our recent mailer about the Code Enforcement Officer position:


Town Newsletter: Facts Matter

Facts Matter

Are We Being Accurate?

Some folks have said we are not being accurate about the end of the Town of New Baltimore Newsletter in 2014, and say it was ended by Town Supervisor Susan O’Rorke. Tactfully, we beg to differ, and ask you to consider the following, which is easily verifiable by looking at official town minutes and budget documents. 

The Facts Speak for Themselves

Here are the facts about the town newsletter, which was ultimately ended by the current Town Board administration. 

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Please Vote – One Week from Today

Get out and vote Tuesday, November 7. The polls are open 6:00 am to 9:00 pm

Election Day is one week from today, everyone! Please come out and support our candidates! You can vote for them on Democratic line A, the Hills and River independent line, or write in their names on your election ballot. Let’s bring diversity to our Town of New Baltimore government!